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1) raw material : it’s applicable to shallot ,garlic, celery ,leek,  can be cut in to strip Bulb group: like carrot, green onion, pepper ,cucumber and other kinds! All vegetable can be cut into 3mm-10mm. 

2) shape : The finished shape can be slice , strip widely used in restraunt , small vegetable company, and other food industry ! whole machine is made of stainless steel !

To produce the animal feed, we use the advanced and best choice-twin screw extrusion line.
The twin screw extrusion can produce higher quality animal feed, suitable to 17%-22% fat content animal feed.
And cooking rate is more than 90%, good digest for animals. 
Still the twin screw extrusion can clean iteself easily.No need pull the screws out to clean. 


Model: FM-20

Capacity: 120-350 kg/h

Power : 0.75 kw

Dimension: 620*450 *550

Weight: 40 kg

Voltage :220V / 50 HZ

Components Pet food machine

1 crushing system: classification of raw materials selection, each of the raw materials in a separate cleaning system and the selection of the system to complete the selection of impurities, and respectively, to be crushed to the size of the need for expansion molding. Grinding system of plant height demand 16-25 meters.




2 hybrid systems: various raw materials were selected and crushed after entering into a mixing machine, mixing, stirring evenly, and adjusted to the desired moisture content of the expansion of humidity. The need for a hybrid system is 5-15 meters. 



3 extrusion molding: large wet double screw extrusion machine series, the use of the boiler heating of powder material pre cooked in biaxial conditioner after extrusion puffing by twin-screw production, 1 tons per hour or more, feed particles of good shape, smooth surface, uniform expansion. 



4 drying system: after the expansion of the particles need to be carried out as soon as possible, the company uses the multi-layer network with the expansion of granule special continuous drying box, the use of hot air circulation to increase the effect of drying. According to the different heat source, the drying box can be divided into: electric heating, fuel gas heating, steam boiler heating, etc.. Can according to the customer's actual requirements for equipment configuration. 


5 flavouring system: automatic flavoring system, fuel injection spray (spray) integration. The fuel injection system after drying oven feed particles, spray oil on the surface of the particle, after spraying oil, the next process is automatic spraying system (powder). 6 packaging system: automatic weighing, semi-automatic manual packaging, weight from 5 kg per bag, to 50 kg per bag. Intermediate automatic transport connection