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Pet food line is used for processing for dogs and cats (pet food), birds, piglets, frogs, sinking and floating fish food pellet. 

Which is high and new technical program as to catch the developing pet food market. 

Pet food line mainly use maize, fish powder, meat powder and some food additive as main raw material,

 through mixing, extruding, roasting, flavoring to get the final puffed pet food.

The production line can produce different shape pet food and different size fish food by change moulds.










To produce the animal feed, we use the advanced and best choice-twin screw extrusion line.
The twin screw extrusion can produce higher quality animal feed, suitable to 17%-22% fat content animal feed.
And cooking rate is more than 90%, good digest for animals. 
Still the twin screw extrusion can clean iteself easily.No need pull the screws out to clean. 









The production line is divided into: crushing, mixing, extrusion molding, drying, seasoning, packaging five major processes.

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